I write about my electric road trip adventures on my blog, NC by EV.

Other notable scholarly works I have written:

BUS110_browder_insourcing_the_hare – Insourcing The Hare: The Failures Within Volkswagen Manufacturing of America is a Business paper that discusses the failures of Volkswagen’s first US-based manufacturing facility in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.

ENG111.190_Browder_Essay 3 – The Bleeding Edge of Technology and Society is an English paper that discusses the social imagery and message of the Van Dyke Parks song Cutting Edge in the 1988 Disney film The Brave Little Toaster.

ENG112.192_Browder_Censorship_Article_Summary_Analysis – Russian Self-Censorship Revival is an English paper that discusses the revival of censorship in Russia.

ENG112.192_Browder_Essay2_Chobosky_Perks – Wallflowers in Bloom is an English paper that discusses forms of imagery found in Stephen Chobosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

ENG112.192_Browder_Essay3_Legalize_Gay – Legalize Gay is an English paper that discusses the current state of Gay Rights in America.