Brentwood Solar House

Visiting Raleigh? Stay in the Brentwood Solar House basement Apartment!IMG_20180114_162224_329

In 2016, I actualized my dream of adding power-generating solar panels on the roof of my home. After Volkswagen took back my emission cheating diesel convertible beetle, I picked up a used Smart electric convertible. My goal is to offset the grid-supplied electricity that the car consumed with a fully renewable resource. In 2017, 4 more panels to the system to reach that goal. By March 2018, the household was up to 4 EVs with 2 dedicated 240v charging stations. To see active and historical solar generation, please click here. I wrote a script that queries the daily production and posts it to Twitter using the hastag #BrentwoodSolarHouse.

Charging Offset Statistics
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Sometime in 2017, I decided to go back and look at gasoline receipts prior to 4/2016 (when the Smart car arrived). It’s incomplete, but I found a little over $500 in receipts. I used to spend $250 per month on gasoline. Since June 30, 2016 I’ve bought less than $250 in grid power for my vehicles. This is why I advise everyone to #GoSolar and #DriveElectric.